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Strange Cases and Wild Tales by Lewis M. Ress

Strange Cases
and Wild Tales

Real Case histories and true stories related to the law practice and experiences of a creative Florida attorney; spanning over sixty years.

Miami Memoirs:
The Maharani's Ring

Round Two from the amazing life and times of legendary South Florida attorney Lewis M. Ress takes readers from Brooklyn in the 1940s via a spell in a top-secret Army Department (and a transatlantic solo flight in a replica Spirit of St. Louis) to adventures in and out of the courtroom in a sometimes rougher-than-ready Fifties and Sixties Miami.

Miami Memoirs - The Maharani's Ring - by Lewis M Ress
Author and Attorney Lewis M. Ress and his wife
About Me


A graduate of Cornell University Law School in 1954, and admitted to the Florida Bar in 1956, Lewis M. Ress has been living and practicing law in the Sunshine State for over 60 years.

A non-fiction storyteller, Attorney, and Army Veteran, Lewis M. Ress is on a mission to entertain and inspire as many people as possible.

Above all, Lewis writes as a way of preserving true stories that otherwise would have been lost in the throes of time. So far, he has authored two books titled “Wild Cases and Crazy Stories” and “The Maharani’s Ring and Other Interesting Stories.”

When he isn’t writing humorous snippets about his attorney days, you can find Lewis giving back to his community, with a vision to make this world a better place than when he first entered it.


In addition to founding the North Dade Bar Association, he has served as the director and donor of various philanthropic initiatives. Most importantly, he cherishes quality time spent with his loved ones. He has been happily married for the last six decades and he is the proud father of two children who work as physicians.

"Punch with your left fist...
Say 'One' to yourself.
Then punch with your right fist and say 'Three' to yourself. Fast!
One... Three! One... Three!"
Me – "Angelo, what happens with 'Two'?"
"That's when he hits you."

Book Reviews

Peter Hesse
This is a great insight into Florida in the fifties
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This is a sincere narration of true stories which each have some additional subtle meaning.It's a worthwhile insight into old Florida and human behavior. FIVE STARS!
Melissa and Doug
A timely and encouraging book
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Mr. Ress’s book is insightful and entertaining. More than a memoir, much more than a collection of anecdotes, his account demonstrates that humility and kindness can win the day – even in the legal profession! Given Mr. Ress’s exceptional legal skills and extraordinary work-ethic, he was bound to be a successful attorney. But it’s clear that it was his uncommon decency and empathy that won him life-long clients and friends. So many of his stories had me thinking, “What would I have done in his shoes?” Time after time, with wisdom and uncommon humility, Mr. Ress does the right thing. In an era of sanctioned indecency and intolerance, Mr. Ress’s book is timely and encouraging. With self-effacing humor and insight, he demonstrates that the virtues of civility and respect are very much alive. I can’t wait for his next book!
John Hogan
A lawyer who did not assume the obvious as a solution.
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I received my copy in the early afternoon mail. An entertaining and engrossing book. I started reading, and non stopped it until the end. My dinner ended up being a can of honey roasted cashews, as I did not want to stop to prepare dinner. Not only a fun read, but I probably lost a few pounds. Carl Hiaasen has nothing on Mr Ress in portraying Florida’s characters. Mr Gess gets conned a couple of times when clients lie to lawyers, but what intrigued me was the fact ‘ Looeaase’ never assumed the obvious. That takes a strong mind. Take a shot, you will be glad you read this beauty.
Amazon Customer
A Must-Read Book!
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I couldn’t put this book down - an easy-reading and entertaining compilation of witty vignettes that peels the veneer off the Miami of yesteryear to expose the grit, corruption and obstacles of the time, while elegantly describing the characters he dealt with over his career as a litigator. A must read book!

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